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NYC Day Of Sports 2023

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Our Day of Sport event was a smashing success that honored all of our missions.

60+ Young people from Harlem/Bronx were able to enjoy and sample 5 different sports ran by iChallenge Myself, Bronx Lacrosse, Theory9, South Bronx United and the NY Islanders. Not only did the youth enjoy different diverse sporting opportunities, but they welcomed the discomfort that comes from going outside of your comfort zone. This is the type of discomfort that leads to immense growth and is central to the sport-based youth development approach. We couldn’t be more proud to have hosted such an event alongside people/organizations that are committed to the type of work that has shaped our life. This is the type of work and community that will shape future generations, We are truly excited to for the NYC Sport for Good Community as we continue to elevate the youth sport sector together.

*Here is the link to the news coverage*

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