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Our Story

We are a non-profit organization that focuses on the growth and well being of the Kingsbridge community. Established in 2019 our organization has hosted many holiday events, basketball tournaments and school drives for the neighborhood. Growing up on Kingsbridge, do you remember having programs such as Big Apple, Aspira, & the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately these programs are no longer active within the community; hence leaving no opportunity or positive outlooks to occupy the younger generations time. As we look back and think how influential these programs were to us especially growing up within a time and environment where kids tend to lose hope, veering in the wrong direction. As a staple within the Kingsbridge community we decided to launch our own much needed program, Theory 9. A program that introduces knowledge, self worth, love and connecting all aspects of life while bringing education to the youth in underserved communities.

Council Member Pierina Sanchez

“Theory 9 is the next generation of leaders in our neighborhood."

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